True Architects of Demand Response

In the energy world, we view big challenges as opportunities to provide big solutions. That’s the approach NRG Curtailment Solutions (NRGCS) brings to the Demand Response programs we’ve been administering, designing, recommending and delivering to thousands of customers since 2003.

As demand for electricity surges, so does the pressure on companies to reduce their energy costs and on utilities to respond to capacity or reserve shortfalls. All this pressure leads to us delivering Demand Response programs that benefit customers and utilities in measurable ways.

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Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive and customized is a great combination. Our Demand Response programs are tailored by the market-driven needs of our customers.

From recommending specific reduction strategies to providing real-time training and support, we handle every aspect of your participation while interfacing directly with the market on your behalf.

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Unlock Your Potential

Our portfolio of strategic programs are designed to advance the energy objectives of commercial and industrial companies. Positioned in six key markets (NYISO, PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, ISO NE, IESO), we gear each of our offerings to meet and exceed the fast-paced, ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

By taking the time to understand your facility’s unique demands and needs, we can help improve your energy consumption and reduction processes, streamlining your overall energy footprint.