About Us

NRG Curtailment Solutions (NRGCS), Inc. f/k/a Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. is one of the largest demand response providers in North America. We are leading a movement that’s changing the way the world thinks about energy. Working with Independent System Operators across the entire continent, we are proud to provide a permanent, reliable solution to electric power grid instability.

We work with thousands of customers in business and manufacturing industries, and manage more than 2,000 MW of demand response across North America.



More than 96% of our customers re-enroll in our program after their first year, and we think that speaks volumes to our level of service . We maintain an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau and have yet to receive a single complaint. Employees of NRG Curtailment Solutions have years of experience in the industry, with backgrounds in everything from engineering to policy-making.


NRG Curtailment Solutions has the network and resources to provide the very best service to our customers. Financially strong, we have a flawless customer payout record and are the oldest and most reputable provider in North America. Our PowerPay Demand Response Program gives you the flexibility to participate in a way that meets your business goals.


Our program is totally customizable and has no hidden fees or requirements. Even if you fail to reach your reduction goals, we never penalize you. The energy industry can be a difficult one to navigate, especially in a time as fast-paced and innovative as this. We understand it can be confusing, and that’s why you can be sure our experience and attention to detail will make your demand response goals achievable.

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An NRGCS representative will come to your business to further explain the program, look at your facility and estimate the payment to your company. Alternatively , we can arrange a conference call or webinar – we seek to make the process easy for you from the very beginning.

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