Demand Response Programs

Demand response has become an important component of electrical system planning in North America. Utilities and regulatory commissions across the continent are setting goals to increase energy supplies from renewable resources, and decrease reliance on costly and polluting energy plants. Meanwhile, demand for electricity has increased, and shows no sign of stopping.

Our program asks you as a consumer to stand ready as a last line of defense in these rare but dangerous electrical crisis situations. In return, you are paid for your efforts based on saved kW. Our demand response programs are risk-free and have no out-of-pocket expenses. We’re leading a movement that’s changing the way the world thinks about energy, and we want you to be a part of it.


Demand Response Providers

A Program Unlike Any Other

Efforts to meet the increased demand have pushed more electricity through transmission equipment, and though businesses are getting the energy they need, this dangerous process can cause major voltage fluctuations. In terms of business operation, facility equipment suffers the most from these fluctuations, it may stop working at low voltage levels, or become unstable.

Effective Grid Solutions That Benefit Everyone

On a larger scale, anything from a short term brownout in an area to widespread blackouts with burnt transistors and power lines can occur. Demand response is lowering the risks of these events by allowing suppliers and grid operators to reduce stress on the grid by having businesses lower their energy usage during peak hours. This gives the grid the chance to stabilize, and electricity can continue to be provided reliably.

Demand Response Program Highlights

When grid instability occurs, thousands of businesses like yours get paid to reduce their electric use and help prevent blackouts or brownouts.

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