Deregulated Markets

NRG Curtailment Solutions is one of the largest demand response providers in North America, offering turn-key, administrative, and a la carte demand response services. Winner of the Peak Load Management Alliance’s “Outstanding Program Achievement Award” in demand response, a large part of our success stems from our customer-friendly programs.

We understand what it takes for a business to become successful in energy management, as well as the preparation necessary to make reductions. Demand response programs pay you, the electricity consumer, to stand ready as a last line of defense to these rare but dangerous electric reliability crisis situations! Not only does demand response have a lower cost and shorter ramp up period than building new peaker plants, it’s environmentally friendly with virtually no emissions. Our Demand Response programs are your best option, with NO risk and NO out-of-pocket expense.



After a decade of electricity deregulation, businesses have better options – now more than ever – to make a difference in responsible energy management through demand response programs.

New York

Companies in New York State are taking advantage of money-making demand response programs – from Yonkers to Buffalo – and everywhere in between.


Opportunities for demand response programs are growing, and businesses across Ontario have already capitalized on participating in energy reduction strategies.

PJM Territory

Demand response programs across the East Coast are giving businesses the chance to become leaders in responsible energy management and generate revenue – a few hours at a time.


With more companies participating in demand response programs than ever before, the benefits of protecting the electric grid go beyond the extra revenue. See what your business can do to prevent blackouts in your area.


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