How Demand Response Works

Reduction events are rare and are only called when the stress on the electric grid is significant. Our Demand Response Programs ask the consumer to stand ready as a last line of defense in rare but dangerous electrical crisis situations. In return, consumers are paid for their efforts based on saved kW. Our PowerPay Demand Response Programs are different than our competition's.

Our experts work with you to design a reduction strategy that’s going to benefit you, and protect the grid. We aren’t asking you to figure out a solution on your own. We’re leading a movement that’s changing the way the world thinks about energy, and we want you to be a part of it.


Step 1

NRG Curtailment Solutions will install or upgrade a meter to track your electricity usage in real time – free of charge. We will use this to access your interval data to verify your reduction. You will also have the ability to view your facility’s interval demands, kWh usage, voltage levels etc.

Step 2

NRG Curtailment Solutions will work with your company to develop a Reduction Action Plan so that your staff is well-informed on future DR procedures.

Step 3

The electric grid experiences a crisis – or predicts a shortage in supply for expected demand.

Step 4

The electric grid operator or utility company alerts NRG Curtailment Solutions of the need for an emergency DR event.

Step 5

NRG Curtailment Solutions will call our participating companies to reduce their electricity to prevent a grid collapse. When an event is called, we will notify the contact agreed upon for your company. At this point, they will implement your specific Reduction Action Plan – calling appropriate personnel and carrying out the plan we’ve helped you create.

Step 6

Your performance will be determined by how much you reduce your electric demand from a calculated baseline. In some markets, your reduction will be measured against your demand during peak hours from the prior year, in others it may be measured against your demand average over the previous weeks, days or even hours.

Step 7

After the conclusion of the demand response season, you’ll get a check in the mail for the kW you reduced for all event calls.


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