Demand Response

Demand Response

Our programs are structured to optimize customer participation and corresponding payments by making processes as seamless as possible.

At the Core of Demand Response
Are Benefits for Everyone

In simplest terms, Demand Response allows you to voluntarily commit to reducing electricity use in times when the electric grid is facing extreme conditions. Just as important is the way everyone benefits as this idea takes hold:

  • For end-users … curtailing usage means receiving financial incentives. In other words, you get paid for using less during critical times.
  • For utilities … having commitments in place from customers to use less energy during critical times lowers the potential for brownouts and provides an attractive alternative to constructing new power plants or investing in expensive capital improvements.


Adding to these general benefits are advantages that come with utilizing OUR demand response programs. These include:

  • Flexible programs that are far removed from a one-size-fits-all approach and developed to fit individual situations.
  • Easy implementation based on an ongoing level of communication, advanced notice and planning – in other words, a proactive approach for responding to marketplace conditions.
  • Programs that are created with no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • A knowledge-based approach driven by better understanding of energy usage – a concept that can also lay the foundation for broader energy-saving solutions which, in many cases, can be funded by the revenue generated by our demand response programs.

Where You’ll Find Us

NRGCS currently operates in six major demand response markets – NYISO, PJM, CAISO, ERCOT, ISO NE and IESO. Besides participating in nearly every major DR market in North America, we’re the leading provider in many of them with a presence that is both well-established and continually growing.


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Who We Serve

What type of customers and industries are best-suited to take advantage of our Demand Response programs and process? The reality is just about any commercial and industrial business sector is a viable prospect. Among the ones that we typically serve include:

  • Commercial & Retail Operations – property management companies, retail chains, shopping centers, grocery stores, data centers.
  • Government Facilities – government buildings, municipal districts, water and wastewater treatment plants, military facilities, airports.
  • Education – colleges and universities, school districts, independent schools, training centers.
  • Industrial Facilities – manufacturers, processors, distributors, warehouses, cold storage, machining, milling, printing, agriculture.
  • Hospitality & Entertainment – hotels and resorts, entertainment venues, sports arenas, ski resorts, wineries and breweries.