Our Services

Programs to manage your energy more efficiently

NRG Curtailment Solutions is one of the largest demand response providers in North America, offering turn-key, administrative, and a la carte demand response services. Winner of the Peak Load Management Alliance’s “Outstanding Program Achievement Award” in demand response, a large part of our success stems from our customer-friendly programs. We understand what it takes for a business to become successful in energy management, as well as the preparation necessary to make reductions. That’s why our program is totally customizable to fit your needs.


Demand Response

Our PowerPay Demand Response Programs pay large users of electricity for their commitment to reduce their peak load during periods of instability on the electric grid.


Efficiency Upgrades

Our efficiency upgrade plans range from traditional conservation measures such as lighting upgrades and system retrofits to implementing cutting-edge products that use renewable energy sources to bring your business into the future.


Energy Procurement

Save between 10-25% on the supply portion of your utility bills.



This cutting-edge metering system links an online report of your energy consumption to a physical meter where you can view your facility’s usage.


Utility Bill Audits

The average utility bill can include over 150 cost components, leaving plenty of room for oversight.


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