Energy Efficiency and Controls

We specialize in customizable energy-efficient lighting solutions to help you save money.


Efficiency Upgrade Plans

Our efficiency upgrade plans range from traditional conservation measures, such as lighting upgrades and system retrofits, to implementing cutting-edge products that use renewable energy sources to bring your business entirely scalable results.

Team Knowledge

Our team knows that metal halide, high-pressure, mercury vapor or T12 lighting is expensive, and costs quickly add up in larger facilities equipped with these outdated lighting technologies. Energy-efficient lighting is the easiest and most affordable way to lower operating costs and take the first step toward managing your facility’s energy consumption.

Sister Companies

Our sister companies give us the advantage to be a competitive industry leader with an impressive network. The knowledge and leverage we command in our everyday operations means a trustworthy and powerful ally for you, the customer.

Your Business

Your business is important to you, and we want to help you succeed. We know energy management, and we’d like to show you what our knowledge can do for you.


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