Energy Monitoring Analytics

The Intervalocity metering platform offers you an innovative metering-system that gives you the power to view multiple aspects of your energy usage online and make informed decisions based on that knowledge.


Insight That Matters

Interval meters and performance-tracking software allow you to better manage your energy. With the option to access current demand or historical usage, this system is unlike any other. Interfacing your BMS/FSM or PLC/SCADA system gives you the option to change your consumption in real-time, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

Industry Leading Progress

We deliver environmentally-friendly energy management solutions that help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our dedicated energy consultants leverage all available resources in our industry to offer solutions designed help you reach your energy, cost-management and sustainability goals.

Individual Attention

From procurement to final end use, we look at every detail of your energy usage and needs. Our efficiency upgrade plans range from traditional conservation measures such as lighting upgrades and system retrofits to implementing cutting-edge products that use renewable energy sources to bring your business into the future.


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