Utility Bill Management

Is your business being overcharged by the utility?

Let our experts review your energy bill and expose any errors we discover. This great free service has become a fast favorite for many of the businesses we work with.

Account audit types: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, Telecom, and Cable


Advanced Software

NRG Curtailment Solutions has developed the most comprehensive utility auditing software on the market, and has saved companies thousands of dollars as a result. “INSPECT – UR – BILL” gives our clients a competitive edge in energy savings by having their utility bills carefully scrutinized for errors by our experts.

No Errors?

Great – at least you have peace of mind knowing your business is on the right track. Our service is free, and we’re happy to help. If we do find errors, we take care of getting your refund from utilities or suppliers. You get a check from them, we only take a percentage of your refund so there is no out-of-pocket cost to you. Because we only invoice for contingency fees – you pay nothing for our service if your bills are accurate.

Average Utility Bill

The average utility bill includes over 150 components, and let’s face it, as a business owner, you don’t have time to make sure your provider didn’t make any mistakes. Send us 12 months of bills, answer a few questions about you company and watch INSPECT-UR-BILL work its magic.


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