We design, develop and implement
custom-created Demand Response programs
for utilities across North America, taking into account
the specific needs of each territory.

The Power to Deliver

Outside of developing Demand Response programs that work for energy intensive companies, we also work directly with utilities to offer programs that appeal to end-users, regulators and stakeholders alike.

Our 5-Phase Approach balances the interests of both utilities and end-users, resulting in a program that works for everyone:

  1. Program Design/Consulting → This is where we customize the framework of the program, including performance measurements, payment structures, event triggers, hours and notification, compensation/revenue allocation and settlement processes.
  2. Marketing and Enrollment → This area involves the identification of prospects, branding, creation and distribution of necessary materials, staff training, enrollment/certification requirements, affiliate relationships and seminars/webinars.
  3. Pre-Event Assessment and Readiness → In our experience, preparedness is key to success. Here, that includes three main areas: Metering Platform Deployment, Demand Response Audits/Site Surveys and Reduction Action Plans.
  4. Event Activations → To ensure success in a reduction event, two areas take hold: Automated client notification and resource interaction. Customer outreach and communication is conducted in real-time to ensure our portfolio is performing at full capacity.
  5. Post-Event Analysis and Communication → Once a reduction event is over, this step begins and involves data reconciliation and performance analysis.

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